Dr. Genevieve A.C. Phillips

I am a research scientist currently researching how sensory ecology shapes an animal’s behaviour. In particular, I am interested in visual systems and how these relate to the colours and patterns displayed by individuals in nature. My work uses behavioural testing to literally ‘ask’ the animals what they can see, and then I use these results to work out how they can see this using a range of physiology and anatomy-based laboratory techniques.

Through my research I have become an experienced project manager, planning and carryingout multidisciplinary projects comprising both national and international collaborators. I also regularly plan field work trips to the Great Barrier Reef.

I am a passionate ecologist and am constantly amazed, intruigued, and impressed by the natural world and continue to expand my knowledge and skills in both marine and terrestrial ecosystems. I enjoy teaching others about the world around us.

Feel free to contact me with any queries or work-related enquiries.

When not working, I enjoy swimming, cycling, and running. Sometimes all together. But mainly for coffee and cake. Follow me on Instagram if you want more of that. I also occasionally tweet, but don’t hold your breath…


Photo (c) Jack O’Connor